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In re Elianah T.-T.

November 6, 2017

In re Elianah T.-T. 326 Conn. 614 August 15, 2017 Abuse and Neglect, Medical Needs Respondents are appealing from the trial court’s decision that denied their motion to keep the Commissioner from vaccinating their two children, Elianah and Nathaniel. The issue in this appeal is whether General Statute § 17a–10(c) allowed the Department of Children […]

In re Alexandria L.

March 16, 2015

March 3, 2015 In re Alexandria L. et al., 155 Conn.App. 624 (2015) March 3, 2015Appellate Court of Connecticut NEGLECT PETITION, INTERIM ORDERS, CONTEMPT Respondent mother challenged a trial court’s ability to hold her in contempt for violating court orders entered before any trial was held and before any change in custody ordered. Respondents were […]

In re Elvin G. et. al.

November 12, 2013

In re Elvin G. et. al. , 301 Conn. 485, 78 A.3d 797 (2013) Supreme Court of Connecticut November 12, 2013 TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS, INCARCERATION, FAILURE TO REHABILITATE Respondent Father appealed from the judgment of the trial court terminating his parental rights with regard to his two children, Elvin and Kadahfi, on the grounds […]

In re Brayden E.-H.

July 30, 2013

In re Brayden E.-H., et. al., 309 Conn. 642, 72 A.3d 1083 (2013) Supreme Court of Connecticut July 30, 2013 TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS, DUE PROCESS The respondent mother appealed from the judgment of the trial court terminating the parental rights of her two minor children.  The Supreme Court of Connecticut transferred this appeal to […]

In re Azareon Y

In re Azareon Y., et al, 309 Conn. 626, 72 A.3d 1074 (2013) Supreme Court of Connecticut July 30, 2013 TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS, DUE PROCESS The Supreme Court of Connecticut granted certification to appeal the holding of the Appellate Court, which affirmed a termination of Respondent Mother’s parental rights.  Mother’s appeal  contended that the […]

In re Leeanna B.

April 3, 2013

In re Leeanna B., Conn. App. April 3, 2013 GRANDPARENT VISITATION, CONTEMPT, JURISDICTION In this procedurally complicated case, the respondent parent appealed from a juvenile court order granting grandparent visitation.  Leeanna had been placed with grandmother as a relative foster placement shortly after birth and remained with her for a year and a half.  Subsequently, […]

In re Elijah J.

April 1, 2013

In re Elijah J Conn. App. February 22, 2013 Termination of Parental Rights / Standing Silent / Adverse Inference Sheldon, J. The key question in this termination of parental rights appeal was whether the trial court improperly construed the non-custodial, incarcerated father’s prior decision to “stand silent” at  the neglect phase of the proceeding as […]

In re Jason M.

March 27, 2013

In re Jason M. Conn. App. January 30, 2013 Termination of Parental Rights, Due Process, Failure to Rehabilitate Respondent mother appealed trial court’s judgment terminating her parental rights to her four children, claiming that the court improperly found that DCF made reasonable efforts to reunify her with her children, that she had failed to rehabilitate […]

In re Isiah J.

March 1, 2013

IN RE ISAIAH J. ET AL: RIGHT TO COUNSEL, EFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE, APPELLATE COUNSEL Argued November 13, 2012—officially released January 24, 2013 (Lavine, J.)   The appellate court affirmed the trial court’s judgment terminating the respondent mother’s parental rights and rejected her claims that she was 1) denied the right to change counsel, 2) provided ineffective […]

In re Azareon Y.

November 20, 2012

Conn. Appellate Court November 20, 2012 TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS, DUE PROCESS, COMPETENCY In this appeal of a termination of parental rights decision, the respondent mother claimed (1) that Conn. Gen. Stat. § 17a-112 violates her substantive due process rights because it is not sufficiently and narrowly tailored, and (2) the court abused its discretion […]

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