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CT Child Advocate Sarah Eagan to resign; join nonprofit law firm

CT Mirror | July 11th, 2024

The claim was discrimination against a CT child with autism and diabetes. This settlement was reached.

Hartford Courant | June 25th, 2024 | Note: The Hartford Courant requires a subscription to view this article online

State Health Dept, Hospital Association Honor Yale New Haven Hospital

Patch | June 17th, 2024

Former Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp gets Goodwin University honorary doctorate

The Hour | June 9th, 2024

For CT parents, special ed meetings with schools are ‘a battlefield’

CT Mirror | May 12th, 2024

119K Commission’s Second Panel Discussion Focuses On Poverty, Homelessness, Housing Insecurity

CT News Junkie | April 30th, 2024

As more youth struggle with behavior, clinicians are partnering with lawyers to help

Chalk Beat | April 30th, 2024

Connecticut lawmakers weigh bills to address crimes committed by children and teens

Hartford Courant | April 14th, 2024

CT bill that would allow utilities to disconnect severely ill patients for non-payment advances

CT Insider | April 1st, 2024

Some people need power to survive, don’t pull the plug on people who can die without it

CT Insider | March 26th, 2024

There are 356 homeless students in Hartford schools

CT Insider | March 26th, 2024

CT lawmakers urged to delay kindergarten age change

CT Mirror | February 22nd, 2024

A $750 million problem: One in five CT youth at risk of not graduating

Hartford Courant | December 18th, 2023 | Note: The Hartford Courant requires a subscription to view this article online

Live Panel-Wethersfield | CT’s Unspoken Crisis: At-Risk And Disconnected

CT News Junkie | October 24th, 2023 

CT has 12,000 young people who have dropped out of high school. Experts are sounding the alarm

Hartford Courant | October 26th, 2023 | Note: The Hartford Courant requires a subscription to view this article online

Getting a new high school: A different story in two CT towns

CT Mirror | October 20th, 2023

The Legacy of Sheff v. O’Neill

WSHU | September 7th, 2023

UI’s weird hard sell for a $131M rate hike

CT Mirror | August 28th, 2023

One Year After Sheff v. O’Neill

WSHU | July 19th, 2023

Lamont chides GOP leaders while promoting his own “Bill of Rights” for non-English speaking parents

CT Insider | July 12th, 2023

CT colleges say they want to maintain diversity without affirmative action. The question is how.

CT Insider | July 6th, 2023

Tenant’s Rent Slashed To $1 After Mold Complaint

New Haven Independent | June 23rd, 2023

CT pushes increased support for youth transitioning out of foster care                                                                          

CT Mirror | June 6th, 2023

Alarming number of CT students report poor mental health, new survey finds

CT Insider | May 16th, 2023

Healthcare providers call on CT to expand HUSKY Medicaid coverage to undocumented teens

CT Public Radio | May 10th, 2023

CT schools combat rise in bullying: ‘It can’t just be disciplinary’

CT Insider | April 6th, 2023

Woodbridge School Board’s Controversial Open Choice Vote Provokes Backlash, Calls for Change: “We’re Moving Backwards”

New Haven Register | March 20th, 2023 | Note: The New Haven Register requires a subscription to view this article online

Stamford teen and others with severe disabilities are falling through the gaps in CT, attorneys say

WNPR | March 13th, 2023

CT Committee Oks Medicaid Expansion for Residents Under 19 Without Legal Status 

CT Mirror | March 6, 2023

Let’s Not Leave CT’s Older Foster Youth to Advocate for Themselves

CT Mirror Op-Ed, Written by Stacy Schleif, CCA Attorney and Director of the Child Welfare Project | February 24, 2023

CT students experiencing homelessness could increase, data show

CT Mirror | February 13, 2023

Measure offers ‘bill of rights’ for English language learners’ parents

CT Mirror | January 26, 2023

Suburban CT schools accepted fewer Hartford students despite Sheff settlement, $300K in grants

CT Mirror | January 16, 2023

East Hartford is moving toward restorative justice practices for youths. There is debate in CT over whether the approach is soft on crime.

Hartford Courant | January 1, 2023 | Note: The Hartford Courant Requires a Subscription to view articles online

OP-ED | Don’t Get Lost In The Weeds On Rising Cost Of Electricity

CT News Junkie | December 22, 2022

How evictions affect Connecticut’s children and families

CT Mirror | December 18, 2022

Demand for behavioral, legal services surge as CT children return to school

WNPR |  January 3, 2023

Advocates, parents rally for interpreter service in Bridgeport schools

CT Post | November 17th, 2022

Susan Campbell (opinion): CT utilities thrive as customers struggle to keep lights on

CT Insider | September 7th, 2022

State Regulators Extend Shut-Off Moratorium to May for Hardship Customers.

CT Examiner | August 30th, 2022

As $171 Million in Unpaid Bills Pile Up, Eversource, Avangrid Ask to End Shutoff Moratorium

CT Examiner | August 22, 2022

State Regulators Extend Shut-Off Moratorium to May for Hardship Customers.

Court ends federal oversight of child protection in CT
CT Mirror  |  March 24, 2022

Three bills deal with children’s mental health. Here’s what they would do.
CT Mirror  |  March 24, 2022

In Elite Company: Announcing 2022’s Connecticut Legal Awards Honorees
CT Law Tribune  |  March 22, 2022

School districts were asked to open up their doors to Danbury students. There wasn’t much interest.
The News-Times  |  March 17, 2022

Connecticut lawmakers weigh bills to address crimes committed by children and teens
Hartford Courant  |  March 16, 2022

With no vote on Sheff settlement, legislature clears way for final court approval of racial segregation deal
Hartford Courant  |  March 16, 2022

Conn. health experts propose lower childhood blood lead levels to trigger early intervention
Connecticut Public  |  March 8, 2022

New report IDs challenges for young adults transitioning out of child welfare system
Connecticut Public  |  March 3, 2022

Lawmakers, Advocates Say $1.7M Isn’t Enough  |  February 21, 2022

Committee Won’t Suggest Ban on Suspending Connecticut’s Youngest Children From School  |  February 18, 2022

Manson Youth Speak Out  |  February 7, 2022

Historic agreement reached in Sheff v. O’Neill school desegregation case
Connecticut Public  |  January 27, 2022

Safety Net For Neglected Older Teens Can Be Difficult To Secure
Connecticut Health I-Team  |  January 26, 2022