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Spring for Kids 2023

Play Fore Kids 2022

Thank You to all the community members who joined us for a great event at Golf Lounge 18 Fairfield! A special thank you to CCA Board Members and State-Representative Allie-Brennan.

Play Fore Kids 2022 was Generously Sponsored by:

  • Wiggin & Dana LLP
  • Innovative Network Solutions
  • CyberSecOp
  • Roger Ibottson
  • Dolan Divorce Lawyers PLCC
  • and Rand Insurance.

Spring for Kids 2022

Our 2022 Champion of Children Awardees:

  • Dr. Thomas Murray, Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Disease), Yale School of Medicine
  • Thea Montañez, Chief Operating Officer, City of Hartford
  • Three Young People at Manson Youth Institution (Dayshawn, Joseph, and John)