Center for Children’s Advocacy offers KidsCounsel seminars and presentations, a newsletter, listserv and website resources for attorneys and advocates who represent and advocate for Connecticut’s most vulnerable children and youth. Training, shared information, and resources help assure excellent legal representation and advocacy.

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Play Fore Kids 2022

Play Fore Kids 2022 at Golf Lounge 18 Fairfield

Thank You to all community members who joined us for a great event! A special thank you to CCA Board Members and State-Representative Allie-Brennan.

Play Fore Kids 2022 was Generously Sponsored by:

  • Wiggin & Dana LLP
  • Innovative Network Solutions
  • CyberSecOp
  • Roger Ibottson
  • Dolan Divorce Lawyers PLCC
  • and Rand Insurance.

Spring For Kids 2022

Our 2022 Champion of Children Awardees:

  • Dr. Thomas Murray, Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Disease), Yale School of Medicine
  • Thea Montañez, Chief Operating Officer, City of Hartford
  • Three Young People at Manson Youth Institution (Dayshawn, Joseph, and John)

Play Fore the Kids! October 28, 2021

Spring for Kids! June 17, 2021