COVID-19 Calamity: CT’s most vulnerable children more at risk during coronavirus crisis

CT Mirror
March 23, 2020

Martha Stone is worried. She is the executive director of the Center for Children’s Advocacy, a nonprofit with attorneys who represent children intertwined with the child protection agency.

“… Is this group of kids more under stress? Yes,” said Stone. “There was a safety network surrounding the families; whether it be drug treatment, mental health treatment, medical providers, social workers, counseling. It was a safety net that was wrapped around the child. And then there was the school. You take all of that away – and then you have food insecurity and employment disruption – it’s an extremely stressful situation for the families.”

“… if the providers are not going to see the kids … who is going to see the kids? There are no easy answers.”

Stone also worries about all the DCF-involved children who live with their grandparents, and what is going to happen to the children if their caregivers become ill with COVID-19. Data show the virus is having the most serious impact on the elderly.

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