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Adolescent Health Care

Adolescent Health Care: Legal Rights of Teens – Answers to frequently asked questions

Addendum to Edition 5, 2016 Adolescent Health Care: Legal Rights of Teens

Is it Confidential? Reproductive Healthcare for Teens –  English  or  Spanish


COVID 19 Resource Fact Sheet


Disabilities and Special Education

Camp, Daycare, After-School Care for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Cost of Violating ADA Law – Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II and III

Understanding Special Education

Protecting Children with Disabilities – Educational Supports in Elementary and High School

Access and Accommodations in College/Post Secondary Setting: Protecting Youth with Disabilities


Protecting Children with Diabetes – Attending School, Camp, Day Care and After Care Programs

Diabetes: Child Care Provider’s Guide to Compliance with the Law – CCA and CT Office of Early Childhood

Parents and Schools

School Success – Parents’ Guide to Working with Schools

Employment Law

Helping Families Understand Employment Law

Utility Law: Preventing Shutoff

How to Keep the Lights and Gas Turned On – Navigating Utility Law to Prevent Shutoff 
No One Should be Without Heat or Electricity: Hardship Protection – English/Spanish flyers

Sickle Cell Disease

Protecting Children with Sickle Cell Disease – Ensuring Access and Accommodations in School (provider’s guide)

Protecting Children with Sickle Cell Disease: Helping your Child in School (patient’s guide)

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation 

Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits (SSI) (provider’s guide)

Social Security Benefits – Is Your Child Eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? (patients’ guide)

Children’s Disability – SSI Resource Card – Disability advocacy for pediatric practitioners

Resources for Hartford Area Practitioners – Helping Families Access Services and Benefits

Resources for New Haven Area Practitioners – Helping Families Access Services and Benefits

Healthcare for Immigrant Patients

Healthcare Information for Immigrant Patients

Immigration Landscape for Patients: What Has Changed in 2017


Annual MLPP Summit

2019 Summit
The Power of Partnerships (click for resources)





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