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Adolescent Health Care: Legal Rights of Teens

The Center’s Medical-Legal Partnership publishes this book for practitioners who care for adolescent patients: important legal information and index of statutes that affect adolescent health care in Connecticut.

Medical or Surgical Treatment, Reproductive Healthcare, Emancipation, Health Insurance, Medical Records, Privacy Rights, School-Based Health Clinics, Privileged Communications, Mandated Reporting, Statutory Rape,  Advanced Directives and Living Wills, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Bullying, Benefits, Utility Shutoff, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, Opioids and Naloxone, Homelessness and Education

Purchase: Book  ($12.00 plus tax)

Included 2019 Addendum to 2016 Ed.5

Who Will Speak for Me?

Important short film and resource materials from the Center for Children’s Advocacy. “Who Will Speak for Me?” represents children caught in the child protection system who tell us how we might best provide legal representation to them, and offer their views and suggestions so we can improve the level of service we provide. This video is an excellent learning tool for all attorneys who represent children.

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Purchase: Resources ($25.00 plus tax)

Teen Legal Rights Brochures

The Center publishes a series of legal rights brochures for teens written in an easy-to-understand question-and-answer format. Topics include frequently asked questions on issues including Emancipation, DCF Care, Homelessness, Immigration, Child Support, Education and Special Education, Teen Dating Violence, Confidential Health Care, Bullying, LGBT Rights, and more.

The set includes one copy of each topic.

(Available September 30th)




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