Connecticut’s Homeless Teens

There are so many kids in Connecticut who do not have a permanent place to sleep each night or are at risk of being homeless.

What We Need

  • Guidance counselors and social workers: call us to schedule a stop at your school or agency
  • Lawyers: partner with us to sponsor this project in our communities
  • Donations and Volunteers: your support helps us bring mobile legal services to more schools and agencies

Donations help offset maintenance and services provided, and enable us to reach more kids who need help to be safe and secure. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Connecticut‘s first mobile legal office is on the road!

The Center’s new mobile legal office—the first of its kind for Connecticut kids and only the second in the nation—reaches teens who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We bring legal services to youth where they gather: at community agencies, high schools, on the streets of our cities.

There are so many kids on their own, without a permanent place to sleep each night, without the ability to get to school, who can’t get healthcare or mental health care, who don’t even know where they will eat tomorrow. We can help them if we can reach them, and now we can reach them.

How it Works

We are coordinating with community agencies, social workers and guidance counselors to reach youth who need a safe, confidential place to get free legal help. We provide free legal counsel and resources: accessing education, housing, healthcare, personal documents, basic needs.

Call us at 860-570-5327 or 203-335-0719