Legislation from 2004 Session

  • CCA-Initiated and Sponsored Legislation:
    • Special Act 04-5: An Act Establishing a Plan of Community-Based Services for Adolescent Females Involved in the Juvenile Court System

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      This Act requires DCF, in consultation with Court Support Services Division, DSS, and the Child Advocate, and community providers to establish a plan for female status offenders and delinquents. The Plan is due to the Select Committee on Children no later than January 1, 2005.

    • Public Act 04-89: An Act Concerning Reports on Adjudicated Youth in the Care of the Department of Children and Families

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      This Act requires DCF to report to the Select Committee on Children the following:

      1. number of adjudicated youth, by gender and age
      2. facilities in which such youth are being housed
      3. number, age, and gender of youth who have left the department custody in an unauthorized manner
      4. number of police reports filed with respect to such youth
      5. status of new construction or preparation of facilities to house adjudicated youth in the care and custody of the department.
    • Public Act 04-148: An Act Concerning the Transfer to Juvenile Court of the Cases of Children Charged with Certain Sexual Offenses

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      This Act permits the criminal courts to transfer sexual assault cases of 14 or 15 year olds accused of having consensual sexual intercourse with a victim under 13 to juvenile court at the request of the state prosecutor.

    • Public Act 04-152: An Act Prohibiting the Placement of Female Juvenile Offenders at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School

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      This Act allows only male juvenile offenders to be placed at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School.

  • New Child Welfare Legislation
    • Special Act 04-88: An Act Concerning Special Study Foster Care

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      Conn. Gen. Stat. 17a-114(c) has been amended, effecitve October 1, 2004, to allow children who are 14 or older to be placed in a non-licensed special study foster home for a period of up to 90 days, pending foster care licensing. See Act No. 04-88.

      This expands the current waiver provision, which allows placement pending licensing only with relatives. The requirements that the placement be in the best interests of the child, that a basic family assessment and satisfactory home visit have been conducted, and that all adults living in the home meet criminal history criteria still apply.

  • Other important legislation involving children from 2004: