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Two types of legislative staff:

Partisan staff are chosen by their caucuses, Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans, House Republicans, or House Democrats, and/or by individual legislators. Partisan staff work for their caucus’ interests and serve at their pleasure. They work as researchers, press liaisons, attorneys, constituent aides, and committee staff, among other jobs. Partisan staff are generally very active politically.

Nonpartisan staff are not politically active. They work within the Office of Fiscal Analysis, the Office of Legislative Research, the Legislative Commissioner’s Office and as committee staff, among other jobs. Nonpartisan staff are civil service employees and not subject to political influence.

The Office of Fiscal Analysis ( advises the legislature on the budget, Connecticut’s economic climate and drafts a fiscal note for each bill or amendment considered by either house.

The Office of Legislative Research ( follows important trends in Connecticut for legislators, follows what is happening in DC and in other states, and drafts a bill analysis for each bill considered by the legislature.

The Legislative Commissioner’s Office ( is the set of attorneys who draft legislative language.

Staff from all three non-partisan offices are assigned by issue area and/or by committee. These staff are generally present at hearings, committee meetings and advise in private meetings to decide which bills to advance in the process.