Child Abuse and Neglect


“800” Project – Protecting Youth who are Aging Out of DCF Care

Developed by the Center for Children’s Advocacy and the Office of the Public Defender, CCA is training pro bono attorneys to represent DCF-involved youth (aged 18+) who have received notices discharging them from care and/or who are looking to re-engage with DCF.  Older foster youth often age out of the system due to a lack of permanency options. Despite a desire to continue with DCF, many receive notification (“800” Form) of DCF’s intention to discontinue support. For information about this project, please email Stacy Schleif, Esq.
Info Flyer about the 800 Project   Form for Youth to Request Continuing DCF Involvement


Administrative Decisions

CGS § 4-180a requires that if any agency wishes to rely on final administrative decisions as precedent, the decisions must be indexed and available for public inspection and copying to the extent required by FOIA. Click for indexed and summarized substantiation decisions. For a full copy of these decisions, make your request in writing to the Administrative Hearings Unit.


Child Protection Casebook, Feb 2013
Compendium of Supreme and Appellate Court child protection decisions


Case Library

Connecticut Law about Child Abuse and Neglect

Connecticut Judicial Branch Guide to the Law of Abuse and Neglect


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Interagency Agreements


SpeakUp: CCA Legal Rights Books and Videos


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Standards of Practice for Child Protection Attorneys in Juvenile Matters


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TIPS for Lawyers – FAQs and Updates on Key Issues in Child Protection Law



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