Resources for Attorneys, Educators, Parents and Child Welfare Practitioners

Bullying Prevention Guide and Resources
Early Childhood Education Degrees

Bullying: What does CT Law Say?
Center for Children’s Advocacy, July 2019

United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights 
Guidance on Bullying, October 2010

Bullying Resources and a Review of Key State Anti-Bullying Laws and Policies
Letter from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to State Governors, December 2010

Federal Website for the Stop Bullying Now campaign
Resources for parents, students, advocates, lawyers, lawmakers

Bullying Awareness Guidebook

Sexting and Bullying
Comprehensive curriculum for Connecticut educators and students

Connecticut State Department of Education
Resources, laws and policies relating to bullying

Connecticut State Department of Education Bullying resources
Website of resources on bullying and school climate

Recent Connecticut State Law pertaining to Bullying and Discrimination

Public Act 11-232: Concerning the Strengthening of School Bullying Laws (July 2011)
     Connecticut Commission on Children Information sheet on Public Act 11-232

Public Act 11-55: Concerning Discrimination (July 2011)