Educating Incarcerated Youth

January 15, 2020

According to a 1997 court decision, Connecticut must ensure that juveniles in state detention get a good education. But 23 years later, that’s still a challenge. We’ll discuss why there are few quality educational programs offered in the criminal justice system, with guests:

Marisa Halm, attorney and director, TeamChild Juvenile Justice Project, Center for Children’s Advocacy
Maria Pirro, acting superintendent of schools, Unified School District #1, Connecticut Department of Corrections
Joseph Tomassone, Ph.D., acting associate commissioner for programs and services, Division of Juvenile Justice
and Opportunities for Youth, New York State Office of Children and Family Services
Lynette Tannis, author, Educating Incarcerated Youth: Exploring the Impact of Relationships, Expectations,
Resources, and Accountability
Agata Raszczyk-Lawska, managing attorney, Children at Risk Unit, Connecticut Legal Services


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