CT Looks at Tackling Housing Issues to Treat Asthma

May 28, 2019

Alice Rosenthal, an attorney with the medical-legal partnership at the Center for Children’s Advocacy, oversaw the case. She said the family was great with keeping up with treatment and medical appointments, but health providers “just couldn’t quite seem to grasp what was going on when the family was doing everything they were supposed to.”

Eventually, a crucial piece of the puzzle fell into place.

“Mom spoke to the pediatrician and said, you know, we’ve had these really old carpets in our apartment,” Rosenthal said. “We’re lived there for five years, they’ve been there the whole time, so I can’t imagine how long they were there before.”

The carpet was eventually removed, which led to a significant improvement in the boy’s health. Cases like this show just how big of an impact housing quality has on health — especially asthma — and wellness advocates are taking notice with more services aimed at addressing housing and environmental issues.

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