Community groups in New Britain, Bristol and 3 nearby towns aid 44 homeless young people

Hartford Courant
August 8, 2019

As a high-intensity 100-day campaign winds down, community groups in five central Connecticut cities and towns report they’ve lined up housing for 44 homeless young people.

The goal was more than merely arranging emergency shelter or short-term housing, so organizers also set up ways for the young homeless to get medical care, job training or perhaps resume their education.

“Our goal was to house them and set up the connections so they can stay there and not slip back into homelessness,” said Stacey Violante Cote, director of the Homeless Youth Advocacy Project at the Center for Children’s Advocacy.

“The 100 Day Challenge Team in the Central region did an amazing job,” Cote said. “This was a statewide effort through the Reaching Home Campaign, staffed and managed by the Partnership for Strong Communities.  The Center for Children’s Advocacy was proud to be a part of this incredible effort.”

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