August 29, 2022

For the past three years, utility companies in Connecticut have not been allowed to shut off service to low-income customers. The state’s largest electric and gas companies argue that they should be allowed to resume shut-offs. However, CCA attorney Bonnie Roswig is advocating for low-income Connecticut residents by making sure their utilities service remains in effect.

Attorney Roswig is also counseling families on the affordable utilities payment plans available to them, including Eversource’s Matching Payment Plan, which allows low-income customers to pay just $50 per month for their utilities service.

“When people who have a $1,500 back bill think their service is going to be shut off, and they call the company and someone says, ‘If you pay $200 a month, we won’t shut you off,’ – in my experience, they’re gonna say, ‘Sure, I’ll pay the $200,’” Roswig said. “They’re so relieved they won’t have their service shut off, but the reality is, they can’t afford it.”

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Click here for a guide on how to receive an affordable payment plan.

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