NorwalkThe HourOctober 5, 2018

The same watchdog group that has challenged Bridgeport and Hartford to do a better job by students with special needs now has its sights on Norwalk Public Schools.

The Center for Children’s Advocacy (CCA), along with Special Education Equity for Kids of CT (SEEK), has filed a complaint with the state Department of Education alleging that the school district is systematically and pervasively violating state and federal laws that guarantee children a free and appropriate public education. The complaint focuses on 17 children in the district who represent a variety of ages, disabilities, income, race and ethnicity.

The complaint alleges that Norwalk Public Schools violated a law called Child Find by failing to determine students’ eligibility for special education services. It also claims that after students were determined to need special education services, they were not actually provided for another seven or eight months. Furthermore, the district allegedly ignored parents’ repeated requests for help when they learned their children were not receiving needed services.

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