Lack of Talk About Education in Malloy Speech Upsets Advocates

Hartford Courant
February 7, 2018

After eight years as the state’s relentless champion for better education, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy failed to mention schools in his last state-of-the-state address Wednesday, which left education advocates troubled, searching for an explanation.

“We would hope that going forward that the governor could reconcile the theme of fairness with adequate funding for our schools and that the legislature could join and restore the money that has been cut in ECS and to our towns.”

Martha Stone, executive director for the Center for Children’s Advocacy, asked: “How can we have a laser focus on ‘fairness’ without addressing one of the most important issues facing our disenfranchised youth– that of equal educational opportunity? Recently rejected by the courts, failed in the past by the legislature, now ignored by the Governor,” Stone said, “remedies to address our discriminatory system of education cry out for being at the top of the state’s agenda.”

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