West Hartford Schools Moving Closer to Racial Balance, but 5 Not Yet There

Hartford Courant
July 8, 2019

The importance of diversity, and the limits –

Martha Stone, the executive director of the Center for Children’s Advocacy and an attorney for the plaintiffs in the landmark school desegregation case Sheff vs. O’Neill, said racial diversity in schools helps expose students to a variety of experiences.

“It’s important for all races,” Stone said. “And especially (for) kids because of the prejudices that start to mount up when there’s no exposure to people that don’t look” like them.

Moore said this exposure is integral to the education of West Hartford children. “People want to move to a school system and to a town where they know their child’s going to get a great education,” Moore said. “Part of that education is going to be sitting in class next to people with different life experiences.”

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