Virus Turns Up Pressure On Medical-Legal Partnerships

Law 360
July 19, 2020

Rosenthal, who is the attorney at the (YNHH) hospital’s pediatric medical-legal partnership, convinced the insurance provider to pay for the out-of-state hospitalization.

“She takes a really big, big chunk of the burden off of me that I felt like I was the only one to carry for so long,” Kelly says of Rosenthal’s help. “You think you know all the things to say and do to get your child what they need, but honestly there is so much, there’s just so much that the average person doesn’t know.”

Medical-legal partnerships, or MLPs, like the one that helped Kelly embed attorneys on the health care teams of low-income patients. The goal is to promote patients’ health by ensuring they get help with the legal problems that often result from or even cause their health issues, according to Ellen Lawton, co-director of the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership.

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