Under Pressure, State Moves to Better Protect Sick Children

Hartford Courant
January 5, 2017

Let Down by State Program, Families Struggle to Get Rides for Medically Challenged Children

The state’s overseer of nonemergency medical rides for sick children, following a federal complaint, news coverage and repeated demands from advocates, has again ordered the company holding the $26 million transport contract do something it has always been required to do: Enforce the rule that says children with cancer, respiratory diseases, and other illnesses that undermine
their immune system, don’t have to ride in the taxi with strangers. . . 

“Effective immediately, our policy is no multi-loading of children,” read a recent email to LogistiCare from DSS, reaffirming
the requirement.

(Center for Children’s Advocacy) lawyer Bonnie Roswig said she was grateful for the reaffirmation, but said that ..orders hadn’t spurred widespread compliance with the no-shared-ride rules in the past.

“I can be optimistic,” said Roswig, of the Center for Children’s Advocacy. She filed a complaint late last year with the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney Deirdre Daly’s office about no-shared-ride violations that led to missed doctor’s appointments and hospital tests for very sick children.

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