Founded in 1997, the Center for Children’s Advocacy is affiliated with UConn Law School. CCA Executive Director Martha Stone teaches a one year course at the Law School that includes formal instruction and on-the-job training on legal advocacy for low-income children and youth.  More information about this class is available here. 

UConn Law article on 2017 student testimony at Connecticut Legislature

Student intern experiences include written and oral testimony on proposed state legislation: 

Taylor Hansen
HB 7286 – An Act Concerning The Recommendations of the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee
at 4:13 

Emilie Dajer-Pascal
HB 7121 – An Act Concerning Revisions to the State’s Safe Haven Laws
at 3:51

Pat Jackson
HB 7111 – An Act Concerning the Restraint, Seclusion and Placing in Time Out of Students by School Employees
at 4:34 

Kara Zarchin
SB 397 – An Act Establishing an Independent Department of Children and Families Ombudsman
at 5:02

Jonathan Anderson
SB 954 – An Act Concerning the Development of a Plan for Universal Preschool
at 6:49