Tom’s To Do List

Website Items:

  1. Merge Seminars and Events (√)
  2. Eliminate unnecessary buttons from calendar (√)
  3. Fix style of Upcoming Events on home page (√)
  4. Make navigation admin-editable (√)
  5. Fix images/layout on Publications and DVDs store page (√)
  6. Homepage style update (√)
  7. Fix hiding footer problem  (√)
  8. The spacing between the publications varies on the page. Is there a way to make this more consistent? (√)
  9. Under “Detention” can we make one say “English” and one say “Spanish” please? (√)
  10. When there is a double button choice for a publication (Detention, Foster Rights, etc) can the buttons be side by side rather than one beneath the other? I’m wondering if that might help with the spacing issue? (√)
  11. When a title continues to a second line of text, there seems to be an extra space between the two lines. Can this be fixed? (√)
  12. I’ve attached images here for the “Education/Truancy/Mental Health Research and Reports.” (√)
  13. Donate button in footer (√)
  14. SpeakUpTeens site redesign
  15. “In the News” to “Making News” ?  or “Center in the News” ?
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