Tackling Health Issues Through Tax Refunds

Yale School of Medicine
April 6, 2018

Pediatricians at Yale’s School of Medicine have joined together with lawyers and community advocates in an unusual approach
to improving health among poor children—helping parents put more money in their pockets when they file their tax returns. By reducing poverty—a recognized risk factor in poor health outcomes—they hope to keep children healthy.

Numerous studies have established links between poverty and illness among children. A profile of the Boston StreetCred team in The American Academy of Pediatrics newsletter caught the eye of Leslie Sude, M.D., a Yale pediatrician working at the Primary Care Center. Sude, along with attorney Alice Rosenthal, of Yale New Haven Hospital’s (CCA) Medical-Legal Partnership Project, were inspired to bring StreetCred to New Haven and begin assembling a team across the university.

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