State Shifts Residential Costs For Intellectually Disabled Children To Local School Systems

Hartford Courant
December 16, 2016

If a residential placement is appropriate, the duty to pay for it remains with the school districts even if a long-time funding source backs out, said Bonnie Roswig, a lawyer for the Center for Children’s Advocacy in Hartford. . .

Education officials are pushing back, saying the districts have serious financial problems of their own and will be hard pressed to take on payments that the state had been making. The officials plan to ask the legislature to intervene, said Joseph J. Cirasuolo, executive director of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents.

“Morally, they can’t walk away from this,” Cirasuolo said of DDS. “This comes out of the clear blue sky.” He said if a school district had to take on the housing costs for two or three of the students, it could push the district into a financial crisis.

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