Stakes are Enormous: Eversource Customers Need to Know Aid Options

CT Post
November 28, 2020

“As PURA noted, call center representatives still aren’t always providing the required information to callers seeking assistance,” said Roswig. “Callers should not have to know the secret password in order to be advised of programs that have been ordered by PURA. The stakes here are enormous. If customers don’t know about existing options, they may feel pressured to enter into unaffordable programs.”

And if the customer can’t pay, Eversource has let PURA know the company intends to resume disconnections again in January. They’ve asked for a PURA decision by early December so they can – Oh! The irony! – be sure to let customers know with their first mailing in January.

After reviewing recent corporate communication to customers, one missive from PURA’s Office of Education, Outreach, and Enforcement (EOE) suggested utilities do less self-congratulation and more education. Is this corporate arrogance? Or is it a play to ask for more money later because of all these people who didn’t pay their bills?

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