School to Modify Playground for Disabled Girl

Republican American
November 6, 2017

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a 1990 federal law that requires public places to be accessible to disabled people, the playground at North Canaan Elementary School should have been altered so that Sasha McCue, 11, could play with her classmates. The town’s elementary school reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice in late October, agreeing to make some changes. 

In 2015, Ms. McCue met Bonnie Roswig, an attorney with the Connecticut Center for Children’s Advocacy who immediately understood the problem. “You look at Sasha, you look at the playground, it’s clear that she couldn’t play with the other children,” Roswig said. “It was affecting not only her ability to play but her ability to socialize with other children.”

The guiding principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act are equal access and participation, Roswig said, but the playground was not living up to that promise for Sasha. “Her activity was sitting in her wheelchair watching the other children play,” said Roswig. “That’s not what it should be, it’s not what the ADA requires.”

Roswig filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, which is in charge of investigating possible violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act… read story

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