Risky World of Child Protection Awaits New Administration

CT Mirror
November 26, 2018

Katz, who served under Malloy for the entire eight years of his governorship, is leaving the agency next month after what is believed to be one of the longest tenures leading a state child-protection agency in the nation.

But it wasn’t always easy. Despite Malloy’s loyalty to her, Katz’s abrasive personality, refusal to back down from controversial decisions – even when legislators voiced concerns – as well as her decision to march the child protection agency in a new and sometimes perilous direction, resulted in a rocky 8 years. Redirecting the agency to stress family preservation by removing fewer children from their homes – arguably Katz’s most ambitious goal – resulted in the state putting about 500 fewer children into foster care each year, federal data show…

The caseloads for workers are down now so workers can spend more time visiting kids, getting services to the kids, developing treatment plans. So there have been a lot of positives that have translated directly to better services for kids,” said Martha Stone, one of the lawyers behind the class-action lawsuit that led to federal oversight in 1991… read story

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