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March 2017

  • CCA at Forefront of Critical Legal Advocacy for Immigrant Children
  • Center Trains Waterbury Police and Youth to Reduce Arrests
  • Huge Systemic Win – Medical Transportation for Children who Rely on Medicaid
  • SpeakUp! Workshops Help Girls Find Strong Voices to Advocate for Themselves
  • Important CCA Webinar on Trauma and Legal Dangers of Sexting
  • 2017 Legislative Iniatives – Get Involved!
  • Impressive Company – CCA at Impact Fund’s Annual National Conference
  • Celebration! Center for Children’s Advocacy is 20 Years Strong!




August 2016

  • Director of CCA Racial Justice Project Offers Solution to Improve Police/Community Relations
  • Racial Justice Project Tackles Discrimination
  • Center Wins Grant to Help Youth with Criminal Records Successfully Return to the Community
  • CCA Victory: State to Issue RFP for Medicaid Transportation
  • Center’s Speak Up Girls’ Group Meets with Superintendent of Hartford Schools
  • Bridgeport Office Wins RYASAP Above and Beyond Award


June 2016

  • Center Scores Important Legislative Wins
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • Spring for Kids Great Success
  • Lights On for 150 Children
  • Center’s Attorneys Win Awards


March 2016 – Growing National Spotlight for the Center

  • Center for Children’s Advocacy Awarded Funding from Open Society Foundations for New Deep End Diversion Project
  • CNN in Connecticut to Interview Executive Director Martha Stone
  • Center for Children’s Advocacy and National Center for Youth Law File Expulsion Complaint
  • Center’s Youth/Law Enforcement Trainings Continue
  • Center for Children’s Advocacy Attorneys Present from Coast to Coast
  • Center’s Seminars at Full Capacity
       -Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
       -Autism: Research, Diagnosis, Intervention 
  • Jonathan’s Adoption!



Fall 2015

  • Javier Lived in Fear of His Parents
  • Center’s Training on Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
  • Speak Up Curriculum – Seven Weeks of Resistance and . . . Success!
  • Upcoming Events: Play for Kids, Spring for Kids, Seminar on Autism
  • Little Mason has a Forever Home
  • Sibling Visitation for Adopted Children
  • Attorney Kathryn Meyer Named 2015 CT Law Tribune New Leader of the Law


Summer 2015

  • Another Remarkable Year of Legislative Success
  • Police-Youth Engagement – Innovative Training to Promote Understanding
  • Children with Healthcare Challenges – Seminar on ADA Violations
  • Congratulations to Martha Stone and Kathryn Meyer – Awards
  • New Staff and Board Members
  • Center Launches Racial Justice Project
  • Photos from Spring for Kids Champion of Children Awards Event


March 2015

  • Mobile Legal Office on the Road to Reach Homeless Youth
  • 2015 Legislative Priorities
  • 2015 Champion of Children Winners Named
  • News Briefs and Media Hits 
  • Upcoming Presentations and Seminars
  • Joseph’s Story



Summer 2014

  • New Mobile Legal Office for Teens – Second in U.S.
  • Big Legislative Victories – Second Year in a Row
  • Policy Research Associates Grant to Reduce Re-Arrests of Children of Color
  • At Age 17, Christina was at Risk of Deportation to Country Where She Had No Family 
  • Lamar Scott: I was a Great Kid Under All the Hurt and Anxiety
  • Center’s Complaint Against Bridgeport Schools Spurs Positive Change
  • Center Attorney on Child Fatality Review Board calls for Focus on Abuse and Neglect-Related Deaths
  • Joyous Celebration Photos: Our Clients’ Adoption and Graduation Ceremonies

    April 2014

    Access to Preschool for DCF-Committed Children
    School Resource Officers and the Safety of Our Students
    Initiatives to Keep Schools from “Pushing Out” Vulnerable Students
    Chronic Absenteeism Needs to Be Addressed
    Undocumented Youth Need Judicial Protection
    Will Connecticut See a Second Maximum Security Facility for Girls?
    Winning Better Services for Special Education Students in Bridgeport
    Connecticut Study Aims to Track ‘Invisible’ Alternative Schools
    A Look at Youth Homelessness in Connecticut
    Spring for Kids Champion of Children Awards reception

    January 2014
    Center Secures Important Win for Bridgeport School Children
    Center Proposes Important New Legislation
    New Sheff Agreement Increases Magnet School Count to 42
    Please join us for our annual Spring for Kids Champion of Children Awards event!
    Help us welcome new staff to the Center



  • Summer 2013
    Center Celebrates Its Huge Legislative Successes – Four New Laws Protect Most Vulnerable Children
    Center Opens New Medical-Legal Office at Yale-New Haven Hospital
    Significant Reduction in School Based Arrests
    Every Kids Deserves a Lawyer Like This
    Speak Up! Teens’ Own Advocacy Gets Policy Changed
    Stopping Expulsion of Young Children
    Ultimate Triumph for Quadriplegic Boy
    2013 Champions of Children
  • January 2013
    Success Beyond 18 – Improving Outcomes for Foster Youth
    Sunshine in February – CCA Event in Stamford
    Raise the Grade
    Alternative Schools Reform


  • November 2012
    Annual Report 2012
    Important Forum: Services for Older Youth in DCF Care
    Sheff Magnet and Open Choice Schools Outperform City
    CCA Legislative Initiatives for 2013


  • August 2012
    Spring for Kids – Party Pix and Angel’s Remarks
    K. Wins Most Improved Student
    Children’s Access to Mental Health Care – Mental Health Screening Initiative
    CCA Legislative Successes Improve Outcomes for At Risk Children


  • February 2012
    CCA 2012 Legislative Agenda
    Sheff Case is linchpin to closing CT achievement gap
    Focus on reducing DMC


  • June 2011
    Phenomenal Legislative Success!


  • March 2011
    CCA Legislative Initiatives
    Leo – A Troubling Story
    “Sunshine” Event Photos


  • October 2010
    Center for Children’s Advocacy 2010 Annual Report
    Adolescent Health Care: Legal Rights of Teens Fourth Edition now available
    CCA and Partners Begin Truancy Prevention Project in Bridgeport


  • June 2010
    Groundbreaking Homeless Youth Bill Passes
    Comprehensive Educational Stability Act Passes
    FWSN Evaluation Finds Success of Family Support Centers


  • February 2010
    Center for Children’s Advocacy and GHLA File State Complaint on Behalf of Hartford Special Education Students
    Open Courts Pilot Allows Public Access to Juvenile Cases
    CCA Continues Advocacy on Behalf of Connecticut’s Homeless Youth


  • October 2009
    CCA Wins State Dept of Education Complaint to Help Special Ed Students
    Minors and Mental Health Treatment: Who Gets to Decide?
    CCA Atty Sarah Eagan Appointed Co-Chair of Legislature’s Juvenile Access Pilot Program Advisory Board


  • July 2009 (online)
    Governor Rell Signs Bill at CCA Office
    Voluntary Services Program for Children is at Risk


  • July 2009 (print)
    CCA Secures Passage of important Bills to Protect Connecticut’s Most Vulnerable Children
    Executive Director Martha Stone Wins Pretigious Charles J. Parker Award
    CCA’s Medical-Legal-Partnership Holds Free Clinics to “Keep the Power On…”


  • April 2009 
    Sheff Gains at Risk; DCF Distributes New Legal Rights Materials to Youth
    Our Kids, Their Stories


  • July 2008
    CCA Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Sheff Settlement Agreement
    TIPs for Lawyers: Substance Abuse & Teens


  • March 2008 
    CCA Wins Robert Wood Johnson Grant to Assist Refugee and Immigrant Families
    CCA & NAACP File Amici Brief in Connecticut Supreme Court
    HUSKY Update from Department of Social Services


  • November 2007
    Vision for the Juvenile Court: Judge Christine Keller, Chief Administrative Judge for Juvenile Matters


  • Summer 2007
    CCA Files Complaint on Behalf of Hartford’s English Language Learners
    Legislature Approves Sweeping Changes to Status Offender Law (FWSN)


  • March 2007
    CCA Releases New Report on Truancy
    CCA Raise the Age: An Update from the Juvenile Jurisdiction Planning & Implementation Committee
    Suspending Elementary School Students.


  • October 2006
    Sheff: Ten Year Anniversary
    Two New Task Forces Work to Resolve Issue of Open Courts
    Connecticut’s Child Protection Commission Developing New Practice Standards and Training Models
    New Advisory Committees Tackle Juvenile Justice and FWSN Issues


  • Spring 2006
    Raise the Age Legislation Gains Momentum
    Emergency Contraception vs. the Abortion Pill: Legal Ramifications are Different
    CCA Proposes Legislation to Protect Children’s Rights
    Teen Privacy Rights and Drug Testing


  • Winter 2005 
    Honorable Barbara Quinn: Vision for the Juvenile Court
    CT Campaign 4 Youth Justice: Keep 16 & 17 year olds Out of Adult Criminal Justice System
    Important Changes for Adolescents at Manson Youth
    United States Supreme Court Weighs in on Special Education
    New Commission on Child Protection Begins Work


  • Summer 2005
    Emily J. Settlement Agreement Provides $8.5 Million for New Services Systems of Care Community Collaborative: Coordination of Services for Children with Unmet Behavioral Health Needs
    DCF Rolls Out New Managed Service System
    Pushing Kids Out of School: What “Zero Tolerance” Means for Our Kids
    No Child Left Behind: Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Education Commissioner Betty J. Sternberg Discuss the Issues at CCA Seminar


  • Spring 2005
    The Spanking Case: Issues and Opinions on Lovan C.
    In Re Lindsey P. Prompts New DCF Policies on OTCs


  • Fall 2004
    Public Access to Juvenile Court Child Protection Proceedings: Should the Doors be Open?
    CCA to Introduce Legislation on Disproportionate Minority Contact
    Crossing the Line: Second Circuit finds Juvenile Strip Search Policy Unconstitutional


  • Summer 2004
    Bullying: What Every Child Advocate Needs to Know
    Judicial Department Sponsors CCA Training of New Contract Attorneys
    Chafee Independence Act: How to Use the Act to Advocate for Your Teen Client
    First Regional Children’s Probate Court Opens


  • Spring 2004 
    Honorable Lois Tanzer: Effective Advocacy – Protecting Your Client’s Interests
    MLPP Expands to Community-Based Locations: Physicians and Lawyers and Collaboration
    Homelessness: Five Legal Tips for Representing your Child/Youth Client
    Court Says ‘No’ to Reconsideration of DCF Exit Plan


  • Fall 2003 
    Honorable N. Rubinow: 3 Hot Tips for Presenting a Successful Child Protection Case
    What Counsel Should Look For in Foster Home Visits
    Federal Court to Oversee Management of DCF
    Devastating Cuts in Husky Insurance Program
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