Over 5,000 Online-Only Students Have Not Logged On

Hartford Courant
October 19, 2020

The state is also concerned about making sure students engaging in hybrid models of in-person and online learning attend the virtual part of their schooling. “That’s critically important, to make sure they’re learning, or we’re just going to exacerbate gaps,” state education Commissioner Miguel Cardona said…

“One of the most important measurements to look at is chronic absenteeism, because it’s so related to student engagement, student success and penetration into the juvenile justice system,” said Martha Stone, executive director of the Center for Children’s Advocacy, which helps children from low-income families overcome barriers to be successful in school. “When you already had issues of chronic absenteeism in these major districts, and then you overlay the COVID problems and connectivity problems, it’s really important to get accurate measures not only for chronic absenteeism, but for student achievement, because they will both be affected. It’s really important to measure it consistently and accurately.”

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