CT Law TribuneJuly 19, 2019

Attorneys representing children and families in the city of Norwalk have secured an order from the Connecticut State Department of Education ordering local schools to correct deficits in access to special education services.

In an October 2018 complaint, Norwalk attorney Robin Keller sought action from SDE’s Bureau of Special Education on behalf of 17 students, alleging numerous violations including failure to meet student needs for services due to an assortment of systemic faults. Fourteen students ended up in the final combined complaint.

Among the students were four preschool students represented by attorney Kathryn Meyer of the Center for Children’s Advocacy. Special education advocate Jill Chuckas also joined Keller and Meyer in filing the complaint, which alleged violations of state and federal laws.

In individual summaries for each of the students, complainants outlined numerous delays and failures to provide assessments for Norwalk students seeking special education services.

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