Recent CCA Newsletters

March 2021
Youth Homelessness

January 2021
2021: Here We Come!

November 2020
A Year Like No Other

September 2020
COVID and Back to School: What are My Rights?

July 2020
Big Legal Victories for Children with Disabilities

May 2020
CCA Addresses Disproportionate Impact of Pandemic

April 2020
COVID strikes supports for children – note from Martha Stone

January 2020
New Sheff Agreement Provides More Seats in Quality Schools
Utilities Commission Decision Requires Notice of Hardship Protection

December 2019
Critical Win for Low Income Families

December 2019
New and Noteworthy from the Medical-Legal Partnership

August 2019
Legislative Highlights Relating to Children’s Health

July 2019
Life-Saving Bill Passes Connecticut Legislature
Chief Justice Robinson Discusses Racial Justice

April 2019
Health Equity: Children Who Cannot Get Healthcare
CCA in Action: Tanya was 16 when the violence in her home escalated 

April 2019
Governor, What About the Kids? 

April 2019
Transforming Healthcare: the Power of Partnerships

January 2019
Put Kids First This Year



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