Mom’s Complaint Alleges Bridgeport Special Ed Services are Lacking

March 23, 2021

Bridgeport mom Dametria Codrington said she grew concerned last year that her son wasn’t getting the support he needed for his disability.

“I’m thinking my son is okay, and everything is good with him,” she said. “And then everything really started to come out during COVID.”

Codrington’s son, 14, whose name she asked not be published for privacy reasons, has ADHD and a suspected learning disability, and qualifies under federal law for school-based supports and services. While he was learning from home, Codrington noticed her son’s special education teacher at Wilbur Cross School wasn’t logging online for class. 

Codrington tried to reach school administrators several times throughout the fall without success … he was not making progress on the vast majority of his goals and objectives, which breaks the law for students with disabilities, said Kathryn Meyer from the Center for Children’s Advocacy

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