Significant Pending State Legislation

Center for Children’s Advocacy Legislative Initiatives 2020


CCA Upcoming Legislative Initiatives

Increase Police Accountability
Amend Draft LCO 3471 to include Collection of Data on Pedestrian Stops
(amend Alvin Penn racial profiling law to increase police accountability)
CCA Written Testimony, July 17, 2020


Legal Representation for Older Foster Youth
SB 283: An Act Extending the Age of Eligibility for Legal Representation Provided by the Department of Children and Families

Allow DCF youth to keep their court-appointed attorneys after age 18. Stacy Schleif
CCA Written Testimony
Youth Written Testimony


Automatic Records Erasure
SB 403: An Act Concerning the Board of Pardons and Paroles, Erasure of Criminal Records for Certain Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses and Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Erased Criminal History Record Information
Expand programming and access for expelled students. Marisa Halm
CCA Written Testimony
CT-N Recording 3-9-20 of Marisa Halm Testimony


Technical Schools
HB 5214: An Act Concerning the Provision of Special Education at Technical Education and Career Schools

Reduce discrimination in student acceptance. Kathryn Meyer
CCA Written Testimony
CT-N Recording 3-9-20 of Kathryn Meyer Testimony


Expansion of Alternative Education for Expelled Students
Marisa Halm


Arrest Notification to Schools
Limit school notification to particular offenses. Marisa Halm


Family Engagement for Incarcerated Youth
Permit free phone calls for incarcerated youth at Manson Youth Institute. Adam Yagaloff
Fact Sheet   Proposed Language


Identity Documents for Homeless Youth
Removing barriers preventing homeless youth from accessing identity documents. Stacey Violante Cote


Expand Medicaid / HUSKY
HB 5251: An Act Establishing a Task Force to Study Health Insurance Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants in CT

Supported by the Center for Children’s Advocacy.  Jay Sicklick


Raise the Grade Amendment 
Require DCF to automatically request special education evaluations for at-risk pre-K to grade 2 students in care. Stacy Schleif
Fact Sheet   Proposed Bill Language

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