CCA’s 2022 legislative priorities can be found below.

Child Welfare

CCA supports developing a body that would have oversight of child welfare in the state, once the current Juan F. consent decree ends.

CCA supports providing legal counsel to youth over 18 who remain with DCF. (Senate Bill 309)

Education Equity

CCA supports approving the Settlement Agreement in Sheff v. O’Neill (Senate Resolution 4)

CCA supports phasing out exclusionary discipline in Connecticut schools, beginning with grades K-2. (Senate Bill 387)

CCA supports changing the state’s current Education Cost Sharing agreement to create greater equity in funding between districts. (House Bill 5283, House Bill 5284)

Health Equity

CCA supports lowering the acceptable level of lead in housing units from 20 to 5 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL), bringing Connecticut’s state statutes in line with federal guidelines on lead. (House Bill 5045)

CCA supports expanding HUSKY insurance coverage to all immigrant children up to age 18, regardless of immigration status. (Senate BIll 284)

CCA supports the expansion of Connecticut’s Low-Income Energy Advisory Board (House Bill 5342)

Children’s Mental Health

CCA supports efforts to expand preschool, as well as mental and behavioral health services for children. (House Bill 5001, Senate Bill 2)

Youth Homelessness

CCA supports allowing unaccompanied homeless minors to access medical and dental care without parental consent.

CCA supports eliminating barriers for justice-impacted people to access housing. (House Bill 5208, House Bill 5234)

Youth Justice

CCA supports amending the state’s Alvin Penn statutes to mandate data collection on racial disparities in pedestrian stops. (Senate Bill 387)

CCA supports automatic erasure of juvenile records for all youth without Serious Juvenile Offenses (SJOs).