Significant Pending State Legislation

Center for Children’s Advocacy Legislative Initiatives and Advocacy 2019


Medical-Legal Issues

HB 1053: An Act Expanding Medicaid and HUSKY B Coverage for Children
To provide Medicaid and Husky B coverage to immigrant children regardless of legal immigration status.

Yale School of Public Health Student Consulting Group Report on HUSKY Expansion, March 2019

CCA testimony in support of HB 1053.

Links and Resources: For information, please see the linked fact sheet or email Jay Sicklick, Esq. or Patricia Marealle, Esq.


HB 6540: An Act Concerning the Prevention of HIV
Proposed bill seeks to increase access to preventative and prophylactic interventions for minors who are at risk of exposure to HIV.
For information, please see the linked fact sheet or email Alice Rosenthal, Esq.
CCA testimony in support of HB 6540


SB 991: An Act Concerning Access to Legal Counsel for Indigent Individuals in Immigration Removal Proceedings
To establish a right to legal representation in immigration removal proceedings at the federal Executive Office for Immigration Review. SB 991 would promote justice for refugee and unaccompanied children by establishing a right to state-funded legal representation in immigration removal proceedings.
CCA Testimony in support of SB 991

For information, please email Patricia Marealle, Esq.


Juvenile Justice

Clean Slate: Automatic Records Erasure for Juvenile Offenses
CCA supports the following proposed legislation and is advocating for the addition of language that would provide for automatic erasure of juvenile records. 
SB 691: An Act Concerning the Expungement of Criminal Records
HB 6921: An Act Concerning Discrimination Based on a Person’s Criminal History
CCA testimony in support of HB 6921

For information, contact Marisa Halm, Esq.

Juvenile Justice Policy Oversight Committee

HB 7389: An Act Concerning Confidentiality in the Case of a Discretionary Transfer of a Juvenile’s Case to the Regular Criminal Docket and Implementing the Recommendations of the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee
CCA testimony in support of HB 7389

CCA supports the 2019 legislative initiatives presented by the JJPOC to protect youth who are involved with the state’s juvenile justice system.

For information, contact Martha Stone, Esq.


Child Welfare

HB 6403: An Act Concerning a Children in Care Bill of Rights and Expectations and a Sibling Bill of Rights
To create a Children in Care Bill of Rights and Expectations for foster children and to require caseworkers to annually provide the Sibling Bill of Rights to foster children.
CCA testimony in support of HB 6403

HB 7189: An Act Concerning the Restoration of Terminated Parental Rights
CCA testimony in support of HB 7189

For information, contact Stacy Schleif, Esq.



Technical Schools’ Admissions Policies
CCA supports legislation that repeals Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-76q, a statute that technical schools have used to discriminate against children with disabilities in the admissions process. By repealing this statute, we will ensure that there are no loopholes in protecting students with disabilities – and that they will be admitted to technical schools in an equitable way. 
SB 5300: An Act Concerning Review of Admissions Policies for Technical Education and Career Schools

For information, contact Kathryn Meyer, Esq. 

School Safety
HB 7110: An Act Concerning Enhanced Classroom Safety and School Climate
CCA supports proposed legislation to enhance school safety, conditioned upon four critical points. CCA testimony linked here.


Homeless Youth

HB 7313: An Act Concerning Homeless Students Access to Education
To codify the rights and protections afforded to homeless children and youth under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act as it relates to students’ access to education.

For information, contact Stacey Violante Cote, Esq.


Racial Justice

Collection of data on racial and ethnic disparities in our public school system is crucial to improve equitable treatment of all Connecticut children. 
CCA testimony against SB 851: An Act Prohibiting the Disaggregation of Student Data by Ethnic Subgroups in the Public School System

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