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Conn. Gen. Stat. sec. 4-180a requires that, if any agency wishes to rely on final administrative decisions as precedent, the decisions must be indexed and available for public inspection and copying to the extent required by FOIA. The following is a link to indexed and summarized substantiation decisions. If you wish to obtain a full copy of these decisions please make that request in writing to the Administrative Hearings Unit. Thanks

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GOA Report

  • The General Accounting Office recently published a report regarding deaths and abuses at residential programs for troubled teens. The report indicates that vulnerable children with disabilities have been subject to unnecessary restraints which resulted in several deaths over the past two decades. Examples of these cases include a 7 year old purportedly dying after being held face down for hours by school staff, 5 year olds allegedly being tied to chairs with bungee cords and duct tape by their teacher and suffering broken arms and bloody noses, and a 13 year old reportedly hanging himself in a seclusion room after prolonged confinement.

    The report may be accessed at

Impact of Foster-Care Placement on Child Development

An important recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota, and published in the journal Development and Psychopathology, demonstrates the harmful impact of foster-care placement on child development. The researchers compared three groups of children: maltreated children placed in foster care; children apparently suffering similar maltreatment who were left at home with little or no help; and a control group of "at risk" children who had not been maltreated. The study found that:

    The maltreated children left at home fared better than those placed in foster care.

    Of the maltreated children placed in foster care, those placed with relatives fared better than those placed with strangers, although not as well as those left at home.

    Not surprisingly, the control group -- "at risk" children who had not been maltreated -- fared the best.

    The study provides useful ammunition for advocates seeking to contest temporary custody or a commitment to DCF, or to press for a relative placement. Click here to download study in PDF format.

U.S. Children's Bureau Website

The Children's Bureau has launched a website with new features, including a Child and Family Services Reviews page with key findings, state assessments and Program Improvement Plans.

Under "Child Welfare Monitoring/Reports and Results" is a Promising Approaches page which offers brief descriptive information on 40 projects in 23 states. The website has been revamped with new sections (Training and Technical Assistance, Statistics and Research, Frequently Requested Information, and Federal and State Reporting Systems) as well as improved ability to search by topic.

Youth Who "Age Out"


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* - Refer to either Call Numbers at the University of Connecticut School of Law Library or available at the Center for Children's Advocacy Legal Resource Center. For more information, contact the Center for Children's Advocacy.






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