In Re the Adoption of Baby Z.

Case: In Re the Adoption of Baby Z.
247 Conn. 474; 724 A.2d 1035
Adoption :
CT Supreme Court

In a case involving two women raising the biological child of one of the women, the court held that under the statute granting the Probate Court jurisdiction over adoptions, the Probate Court did not have jurisdiction to consider an adoption petition by the non-biological parent, who was neither a blood relative nor a step-parent of the child, absent (1) the appointment of a statutory parent, which may be either the commissioner of the Department of Children and Families or a child-placing agency, and (2) the child’s placement for adoption by the commissioner of DCF or the child-placing agency. The court held that the adoption review board’s statutory authority to waive the placement requirement extends only to those cases where a statutory parent has been appointed. Further, the court construed the statute governing the adoption review board to preclude the board from waiving the requirement that an adoption application be accompanied by a statutory parent, stepparent, or blood relative adoption agreement. The court declined to address plaintiff’s claims that the denial of the adoption application constituted a deprivation of due process and equal protection; the court held that those claims challenged the constitutionality of a future order.

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