In re Jason C. and In re Greily L.

CT Supreme Court

255 Conn. 565



In these companion cases, the Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the trial court’s decision dismissing DCF’s motions to extend the juvenile’s commitments for an additional period of time beyond the 18 months for which they were initially committed. The court held that the failure of the juvenile court, which made the initial commitment, to advise the juveniles, at the time their nolo contendre pleas were accepted, that the commitments could be extended beyond the time period stated in the plea agreement, prevented the juveniles from entering a knowing and voluntary plea. Since a nolo plea involves the waiver of several fundamental rights, if it is not entered voluntarily and knowingly, it is a violation of the youth’s due process rights.

In the latter part of its decision, the Court discusses the extent to which due process safeguards are applicable in juvenile court.

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