In re James B., Jr.

CT Superior Court

45 Conn. Supp. 315, 714 A. 2d 735


Pursuant to Conn. General Statutes Section 46b-124(e), the victim now has the same rights of access to the court file in juvenile court as a victim in adult criminal court. The victim does not have access to any privileged material (especially privileged communications between doctor and patient), unless there is consent to disclose. However, the victim has the right to be notified of and to receive information regarding procedural posture of the case, the record of the case on file, the police report, the delinquent’s name and address, and the names and addresses of the delinquent’s parents. The victim cannot use the released material in civil action for damages, but may use the released material to uncover evidence which is admissible in the civil case.

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