In re Jaiden S.

Connecticut Appellate Court

May 4, 2010



In this termination of parental rights case, the appellate court rejected the respondent father’s claim that DCF failed to make reasonable efforts to reunify him with his child and that there was insufficient evidence to find that he failed to rehabilitate as a parent. The father contended that after paternity was finally confirmed he began to participate fully in services. Despite the father having completed several of the remedial programs and steps assigned to him, the trial court agreed with expert testimony provided by DCF that indicated that the father had not dealt with his history of interpersonal aggression and inappropriate sexual conduct toward children and it would be one to one and a half years before reunification could begin. The trial court found that this was not a reasonable time period for reunification. The appellate court upheld the trial court’s findings, noting that the father’s failure to disclose to DCF his status as a sex offender was a sufficient basis to determine that he was unable or unwilling to benefit from further remedial services.

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