In re Destiny D.

Connecticut Appellate Court

86 Conn. App. 77, cert. Denied 272 Conn. 911 (2004)

November 16, 2004


The Appellate Court affirmed the termination of parental rights in a case where the mother put her rights in jeopardy due to substance abuse problems. In Destiny D., the respondent mother appealed the trials court’s termination of her parental rights with respect to her three minor children. The mother challenged the judgment against her, contending the court erroneously found that (1) the Department failed to make reasonable efforts to reunify the family, and (2) there was no ongoing parent-child relationship between her and one of the minor children. The Appeals court respectfully demurred, finding that the Department made efforts to provide regular visitation between the mother and her children, arranging rehabilitative services for her, and arranging counseling and therapy for the three children. The Department also provided various rehabilitative services to the mother to address her substance abuse and mental health problems. The record indicated that the mother’s long history of substance abuse and her recidivistic nature regarding substance abuse carried the day, and the appellate court found that the Department’s efforts were “reasonable” under the circumstances. Since the court found that the Department made reasonable efforts at reunification, it did not address the mother’s claim of an ongoing relationship with the children.

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