If you had one wish for 2021 …

If everyone could cast one wish for what 2021 will bring, it’s likely that nearly all of us would wish for COVID-19 to go away and never come back. Vaccines and vigilance might make that wish come true. But beyond that, what else would people like to see happen in 2021?

The CT Mirror asked a variety of people — community leaders, elected officials, spokespeople and more — what they’d wish for in 2021 other than an end to the pandemic. Here are some of their responses.

Martha Stone, Executive Director, Center for Children’s Advocacy: My greatest wish this year is to be able to look into the eyes of all the children we represent and assure them that our state leaders in positions of power finally have the courage to stand up for them, to stop relegating them to the “have nots” and stop sending them back to failing educational settings.

Kathryn Meyer, Attorney, Center for Children’s Advocacy: My wish for 2021 is for a disruption to the educational funding structure in our state. The pandemic shone a spotlight on educational inequity, and further exacerbated it. It’s time to use this renewed attention and vigor to recommit to fundamental change.

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