Early Screening for Mental Health Issues

May 13, 2013

Jay Sicklick, deputy director of the Center for Children’s Advocacy, says teachers and pediatricians should do more to screen children, at an earlier age, for mental health issues.

“I think we’re shorter in the screening area than we are in the services,” he said. “You have to look at this as screening earlier catches earlier problems.”

Sicklick said pediatricians are in a “perfect position” to assess children and determine red flag warning signs.

Sicklick also said that educators should bear some responsibility in looking for warning signs of mental health issues.

“Of about 100 kids students in middle school who were dealing with expulsion problems or suspension or truancy problems, 70 percent of those kids have indicators by third grade that they have mental health issues.”

Video story at http://foxct.com/2013/05/12/real-story-mental-health-changes/


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