Challenges to delivering special education have increased during the COVID era

Students with disabilities have lower attendance historically, but their attendance plummeted during the pandemic.

Kathryn Meyer, an attorney with the Center for Children’s Advocacy, acknowledges that while the state Department of Education has worked hard to get guidance out in a timely manner, one challenge attorneys are facing during the pandemic is not knowing what recourse is available when a district is either unable to or won’t follow the guidance.

“If this baseline of guidance is not being met or achievable, where do we go with that?” Meyer said, adding that it seems like everyone is muddling through and saying they are doing the best they can. “I do think people are doing their best. I don’t think anyone is intentionally trying to short-change children at this time. But that’s not a satisfying answer for families or children who need more and have no way of getting what they need.”

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